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Updated: Feb 6

It's no secret that flawless makeup starts with the skin. Texture, pigmentation and hydration are some of the most important factors to take into consideration for a glowing base.

Picture a canvas so smooth, it reflects the glow from within – a reflection of your inner vitality. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, achieving flawless skin might seem like an elusive dream. But fear not! This blog is your compass.

I'm going to skip the obvious, such as, "drink loads of water", and actually attempt to help you find some tips you didn't know or might need that reminder for.

  1. VITAMIN C Looking for brighter, plump glowing skin? Vitamin C has got you. It helps hyper-pigmentation leaving your skin glowy and fresh. Consistency is key. I recommend integrating it into your daily routine that doesn't add an extra step. My favourites are in a toner or better yet, a serum. You can even get boosters to add into your current serum if you don't want to change!

  2. EXFOLIATE Okay, okay, I said we'd avoid anything obvious but exfoliators are your friend if you have rough or dry skin. Rough and dry skin can get mixed up as the same thing. Here's where it get's confusing... Dry skin, refers to flaky, tight, sometimes itchy or irritated skin. When this builds up, it will feel rough. However, this isn't a quality that's caused by only dry skin. Rough skin surface can be due to clogged pores from excess sebum (oil) or build up of products. If you have combination/oily skin I recommend a low percentage BHA exfoliant and stay away from anything abrasive. - If you have dry skin you'll need to exfoliate once to twice a week. Combination skin needs to exfoliate once to twice a fortnight.

  3. FACIAL MASSAGE OR FACIAL YOGA What now? Yes. So if you haven't heard of either of these then you'll never look back! There are so many useful videos on Instagram and tick-tock, so simply type in facial massage, and I'll see you back here in a few hours because no doubt, you got swept away. You wont want to waste time. Our face is a whole load of muscles that we either over or under use. Facial yoga - As our collagen decreases with age, it's important to keep those muscles working, for a chance to help our skin stay north. Facial Massage - these are perfect for releasing tension and puffiness. If those eye creams claiming to decrease puffiness haven't worked, no doubt, this will! Think massage for instant results and yoga for long term prevention.


Lets say it together ... 'Just because it's trending, it doesn't mean that it'll work for me.' We are all guilty of falling for delicious looking trends, be that, a homemade remedy or Sophora's latest launch. The truth is, you can over do it. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, keep it away from toxic chemicals and bicarb with an exfoliating mitt. (This was a recent one I saw). Also, keep it simple and stick to what you know. I love skincare but it needs to be a realistic routine and make sense for you, otherwise, you wont stick to it.

Some fads I stand by: Silk pillowcases, rice water, filtered water if you have hard water and washing your skin with it.


Sometimes our skin gets very used to what we use on it and the effects wear off. It's okay to swap around cleansers and skin treatments. Throughout different seasons our skin needs different things but try and keep consistency in some areas that are generally penetrating deeper into the skin. You get a new skin cycle around roughly every 30 days. If you have started a new product, note that it might take a while for your skin to get used to it. Likewise, if you get breakouts and you thought you have been using the same products, it may just be that one you started using a few weeks ago.

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